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Volkswagen Oil Change Services

Get Your Next Oil Change at Volkswagen of Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Volkswagen cars and SUVs are known for their impressive quality. To ensure that your VW continues to deliver quality, bring it in for regular oil changes. Volkswagen of Downtown Los Angeles is proud to provide VW oil change service to drivers from Huntington Park, Inglewood, and all around the L.A. area. We’ve been here since 1959, so it’s fair to say that we have quite a bit of experience with VW service! Our certified service center is worth the drive from Hawthorne or Willowbrook; our cutting-edge service center is staffed by expert technicians who know how to treat your Volkswagen. Learn more about oil change service on this page, and then head to VW of Downtown L.A.

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Conventional Oil Change

Even though modern VW engines require synthetic oil, some older engines could still use conventional oil. While conventional oil lacks the powerful detergent additives of synthetic oil and will need to be changed more frequently (we recommend every 3,000 miles), it is less expensive.

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Synthetic Oil Change

This is the standard oil change that your Volkswagen will likely need. Since 2004, VW models with gas engines have required synthetic oil. Our technicians will drain the old oil and remove the old oil filter, replacing them with genuine VW synthetic oil and an OEM oil filter. In addition to being better for engines (and required for modern VW engines), synthetic oil is also known for being long-lasting. When you use VW-approved synthetic oil, you only have to get a synthetic oil change every 10,000 miles or once a year—whichever comes first.

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Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

Semi-synthetic oil is a blend of synthetic and conventional engine oil. Though it shouldn’t be used for modern VW engines, it can be a good choice for older engines. Semi-synthetic oil is a little more expensive than conventional oil, but it’s less expensive than synthetic. And, while it may not last as long as full synthetic oil, it does last longer and keeps your engine cleaner than conventional oil.

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Diesel Oil Change

If your Volkswagen has a TDI engine, it will need special diesel oil. This differs from oil meant for gas engines, and we offer genuine VW synthetic diesel oil here.

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Ready to head in for an oil change? VW Service Xpress means that you don’t need an appointment; just stop by! If you prefer making an appointment, our online service scheduler makes that easy.

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Discover Expert Oil Service in Los Angeles

Everyone knows that changing your oil is crucial for routine maintenance. However, it may not be clear why or how often you should change your oil. Our service center serves Los Angeles and surrounding communities by providing the information and services you need. With our state-of-the-art facility and certified technicians, you can discover a better way to change your oil.

Signs You Need to Change Your Oil

The most reliable way to tell if your vehicle needs an oil change is with time and miles. Most vehicles need an oil change every six months or 5,000 and 7,500 miles. However, some vehicles need an oil change sooner, depending on their driving conditions and habits. If your vehicle has a rough idle, reduced fuel economy, or has an odd odor, it could be because you need an oil change.

Another way to check if your vehicle needs an oil change is by checking the dipstick for yourself. Be sure to consult your owner's manual before checking your oil, but when the engine is cool, you can remove the dipstick to inspect the quality of the oil. You want the oil to be translucent and a golden-brown color. If the oil is dark brown, milky, or comes out in globs, you need an oil change.

More Convenience at Our Service Center

When you come to our service center, you can expect our team to go above and beyond to address your service needs. Our certified technicians know the best practices and manufacturer guidelines to change your vehicle's oil expertly and keep your wait times to a minimum. We even offer service specials to make routine service more affordable.

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If your vehicle needs oil service, contact our service team to schedule an oil change today. 

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