Trade-in Your Vehicle at Our Los Angeles Dealership

Many car owners are looking to upgrade from their current vehicle, and our dealership is the place to do so. Not only do we have a massive selection of new and used cars for sale, but we also are a great place to trade in or sell your old model. We make valuing trade-in vehicles and getting cash for them simple, and we go over that process on this page.

Additional Details on Trade-ins

Our dealership buys all makes and models, so you can come to us no matter what you drive. We don't accept vehicles with frame damage or salvage titles, but we will give you cash for all other conditions. Our dealership gives you fair value so that you get the right price and don't waste any time haggling. We're always happy to talk about trade-ins or selling your vehicle, so stop in or give us a call if you're thinking about moving on from your current model!

Why Trade-In Your Current Vehicle?

Here at Volkswagen of Downtown LA, we want to help you save money on your next new Volkswagen model or pre-owned vehicle. Thankfully, you can save big on your next automotive investment by using your vehicle as a trade-in at our dealership. By trading in, you'll get to use the money from your current vehicle towards your next purchase or lease, which will make it easier for you to get the model with all the features you want.

Use the Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Tool

The Kelley Blue Book trade-in tool is easy to use. You'll input all the requested vehicle information on the form, submit it, and you'll get an estimate of your vehicle within seconds. Once you have your estimate, schedule a day to bring your vehicle to us and shop around for a new VW Jetta or VW ID.4 SUV.

We'll inspect your vehicle for free and combine our findings with your estimate to give you a top-dollar offer for your car. Then, you can apply that offer to the purchase of a new or used car or SUV from our selection at Volkswagen of Downtown LA and significantly lower your monthly payments.

FAQs About Trading In a Vehicle at Volkswagen of Downtown LA

Smart drivers and shoppers always have a few questions when considering the trade-in process. Volkswagen of Downtown LA is answering a few common questions about the trade-in program so you can decide whether it is the right route for you. Always reach out to our Los Angeles Volkswagen dealership with any further questions.

Can I sell or trade in a vehicle I'm still paying on?

Yes! There are many cases where Volkswagen of Downtown LA will make you an offer on a vehicle that you are still making payments on. If our offer does not cover the remainder of the loan, the driver is still responsible for payment on the rest of the loan.

Do I have to trade in my vehicle, or can I take cash for my car?

If you are simply looking to get a vehicle off your hands in exchange for a check, bring it to our Los Angeles dealership. Your vehicle will go through the same process as a trade-in, but at the end, we'll write you a check, and you can carry on with your day with cash in hand.

Can I trade in a vehicle in any condition?

Of course, but if your vehicle isn't working and we don't have a need for the vehicle, we can recommend a place for you to bring it.