Price Guarantee

The Right Price.


At Volkswagen of Downtown LA, our goal is to provide you with the most competitive price possible in a transparent and timely manner. We try to aggressively price our vehicles up front by analyzing the market daily through dealer websites, newspaper ads, and third-party sources. Our goal is not always easy because the market is rapidly changing so in case we miss something, we have our Price Guarantee.

The fine print:

If you want to do a deal, but you feel some of fine print below might preclude you from taking advantage of our price guarantee offer please call us so we can see what we can do for you.

Ad must be from a competitor within a 100 Mile Radius

We will price against local competitors within a 100 mile radius of the dealership. In a dense market location such as Los Angeles this covers a good portion of the metro.

Ad must be current

We will price within the current incentive period. Volkswagen often will extend incentives into a new calendar month or enhance incentives for a short term holiday sale event. We will verify that the advertised price is in the current incentive period as we are unable to apply expired incentives into current deals.

Ad must be on the same car and configuration

We will price on vehicles of same model, trim and MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price). Adjustments can be made for variances in equipment. We will also make allowances for slight differences in equipment.

Advertised Prices

We will price competitive newspaper ads, dealership online internet prices, or copies thereof. While some legitimate competitive offers can be made via email or dealership "worksheets", unfortunately, it is also possible that some of these could be fraudulent as they are unregulated. For that reason, we reserve the right to limit price to newspaper and dealership website pricing which follow strict regulatory guidelines that protect consumers.

Verifying Pricing Accuracy

We reserve the right to verify pricing accuracy and availability of competitive ads for errors and omissions. Occasionally a competitor or media source will make a pricing error, which falls outside our price policy. We will price only one time per each vehicle purchased.

No Bundled Offer or Undisclosed Accessories

We will not price on bundled offers or undisclosed accessory offers. This includes, but is not limited to, ads that state the vehicle may have added accessories that aren't listed and priced, instances where a customer is forced to accept a competitive dealer's in house financing in order to receive a special price. Without a complete rate disclosure or what undisclosed accessories and additional costs are added to a specific vehicle, it is impossible to determine what the competitive offer is for us to meet.

Not Retroactive

Price must be done before the deal is closed. California currently does not have a "cooling off" period on new car purchases so modifying or "re-doing" closed deals would likely not be advantageous to the customer who wants to "trade in" their recently purchased vehicle to purchase another.

In-Stock New Vehicles Only

Price is available on in stock new vehicles only. Demo models, ads listing "one at this price" or vehicles with a specific V.I.N. do not qualify.

Please speak with our finance advisor for more information.