Volkswagen Model Research

white volkswagen jetta driving in city

Volkswagen Jetta

This one is a classic. One of the most popular in its entire class, the Jetta has a huge range of optional features so your needs are always met.

2018 Jetta
silver volkswagen passat in parking space

Volkswagen Passat

Similar to the Jetta, just a bit bigger, the Passat offers spaciousness and versatility as well as several different engine options. This stylish sedan is perfect for the whole family.

2018 Passat
blue volkswagen golf parked outside

Volkswagen Golf

Hatchbacks are so practical and are increasing in popularity, and the Golf is no exception. Its huge cargo volume and spectacular handling make it one of the best cars in its class on the market today.

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black volkswagen golf gti front, driving

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Throw stronger engine and sporty trim on the Golf and bam, you have the Golf GTI. The upscale interior also helps to make this ride a unique one.

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blue volkswagen golf sportwagen driving in city

Volkswagen Golf SportWagen

Basically, this is a longer Golf. Add in some extra cargo space and legroom, and you've got one comfy ride. And it still features all the great standard options found in the Golf.

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white volkswagen golf alltrack parked

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

Yet another variation of the Golf, the Alltrack offers a bigger body as well as extra cargo space. Its roominess is bound to make you feel like you can stretch out in every direction.

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white volkswagen e-golf driving fast down street in city

Volkswagen e-Golf

Now if you electrify the Golf, you have the e-Golf. Simple, right? Just plug it in for the whole night and you won't have to visit the gas pumps again.

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gold volkswagen beetle parked outside diner

Volkswagen Beetle

Talk about a cultural icon. The Beetle's signature shape has been easily recognizable for decades. And its new, sportier design helps to modernize it.

2018 Beetle
black volkswagen beetle convertible parked near curb

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

How do you make the Beetle even more fun? Take the roof off! Everyone loves a convertible, and you won't be disappointed with the top-down-Beetle.

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orange volkswagen tiguan parked on street

Volkswagen Tiguan

This compact crossover is just as versatile and powerful as its competitors. Its engine performance might just surprise you when you get behind the wheel.

2018 Tiguan
black volkswagen touareh driving on snow

Volkswagen Touareg

Add some luxury to the Tiguan and you have the Touareg. This fabulous machine gives drivers a first-class, roomy ride as well as great fuel efficiency.

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silver volkswagen atlas towing a trailer

Volkswagen Atlas

The Atlas is the only full-size SUV in Volkswagen's lineup. This behemoth of a vehicle has all the cargo and passenger volume you could imagine and some spectacular engine options under the hood.

2018 Atlas vs. 2018 Acadia