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Oil change in Los Angeles CA

Is your Volkswagen's oil light on? That means you're either overdue for an oil change or you're leaking oil at a dangerous rate, or both. Oil changes are probably the most routine and simple task for our veteran mechanics and technicians here at Volkswagen of Downtown Los Angeles. Depending on your model and oil type, you might only need to get your oil changed once a year. Otherwise, most vehicles often require an oil change about once every 3,000 miles driven. Double check your vehicle's owner's manual to make sure.

If you were to go months or even years without getting your oil changed, you would destroy your engine beyond affordable repair. Think of oil as blood and the engine as a heart. Your heart is constantly working to keep your body going and it needs blood to pump to all other parts of your body. Your engine needs oil to survive, and you will eventually need to replace the oil. Why not have us do it for you? Schedule an appointment today!

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Order genuine Volkswagen parts

We applaud anyone who wants to save a few dollars on labor costs and do the work themselves. Get your hands dirty! If you're one of those people who love doing some car work on Saturday morning, order genuine Volkswagen parts to be delivered to Volkswagen of Downtown Los Angeles. We will contact you when they arrive. All Volkswagen parts are certified and manufactured specifically for your particular vehicle.

Services at Volkswagen of Downtown Los Angeles

Our service staff is well versed in all kinds of maintenance issues. Need a simple oil change? Done. How about something more complex like a wheel bearing replacement? No problem at all. We can do it all. Schedule an appointment online or bring your Volkswagen in and we'll inspect it and diagnose any problems.

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