2018 VW Atlas vs 2018 GMC Acadia

vw atlas gmc acadia side by side

In order to fully guarantee that you are getting the perfect SUV to fit your preferences for price range and features, we have provided a detailed comparison to see how the all new model of Volkswagen mid-sized SUV matches up with the latest model of GMC mid-sized SUV. Keep reading to see which model is better in this 2018 VW Atlas vs 2018 GMC Acadia comparison.

In order to guarantee a fair and accurate comparison between the two vehicles, we have chosen to compare the base trim for both vehicles, which are the closest to each other in terms of price and features. For both the Atlas and the Acadia, this is the 4 door, front-wheel drive model.

You can see how the two models look side-by-side in this picture, and if you want to know how these two mid-sized SUV models stack up with more specific qualities and features, you can continue reading below. If you live or work in the Downtown LA area, and are already considering buying a new 2018 VW Atlas, check out our latest inventory of the Atlas by clicking the link below.

2018 VW Atlas


2018 GMC Acadia

235 hp Horsepower 193 hp
8-speed automatic Transmission 6-speed automatic
IIHS Top Safety Pick IIHS Safety Awards None
72 mo/72,000 miles Bumper to Bumper Warranty 36 mo/36,000 miles

Which Mid-Sized SUV is Right for You?

When looking directly at the specifications of both vehicles, it is completely obvious which of these mid-sized SUVs is the superior model. The all new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas is hands-down the better performing, safer and more reliable vehicle of the two.

In terms of performance, the 2018 VW Atlas can generate way more horsepower than the GMC Acadia. This power is incredibly useful in a vehicle this size, and makes it able to tow up to 5,000 pounds. Additionally, the 8-speed transmission of the VW Atlas, as opposed to the 6-speed of the Acadia, means a much smoother ride, as well as easier acceleration.

The fact that the 2018 VW Atlas has one the IIHS Top Safety Pick Award means that you and your family will stay safe on the road. Finally, their bumper to bumper warranty, at twice the length of the Acadia, proves that VW is not only here for you as a driver, but is extremely confident in the quality of their SUVs.

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