What is the Volkswagen Community-Driven Promise?

How Does the Volkswagen Community-Driven Promise Work?

By Product Expert | Posted in Finance, News on Sunday, May 31st, 2020 at 10:11 am
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We’ve all heard about how unprecedented the current situation is. Everyone is doing what they can to adjust, but things are drastically different than they have ever been. It is hard to make a plan for moving forward when no one really knows what tomorrow looks like. Adjusting has been hard on a lot of families. 

Many communities have been very negatively impacted by the current crisis and Volkswagen wants to reach out and help as much as possible. Most families need a car to help them accomplish everything from getting the kids to school to commuting to work to running errands. It’s a vital thing to have, but with the crisis, many families are facing tighter budgets, and paying for a car can seem like it will break your budget. Thankfully, Volkswagen understands this and has set out a few assistance programs. 

What is the Volkswagen Community-Driven Promise? 

Everyone is adjusting as best they can, but a little help is always appreciated. Offering that necessary help is what is the idea behind the community-driven promise. Volkswagen is stepping up to give families they help they need to make it through these tough times. One of the biggest things being offered is payment relief options for folks that bought a Volkswagen through Volkswagen Credit. 

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Another thing they are offering is a three-month extension on certain warranties to give drivers even more peace of mind. New or certified pre-owned Volkswagen vehicles that have a warranty nearing its expiration date can get it extended. This only applies to warranties that are expiring due to time and not to mileage. 

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