What Do Emissions Ratings Mean?

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The higher that fuel costs rise, the more people go looking for more efficient options. Environmentally conscious people also want to find more efficient cars because of the impact that has on the planet. While electric vehicles and hybrids are nice options, there should be something for those who can’t afford either option. 

One of the biggest things that people don’t factor into eco-friendly shopping is the emissions rating of a car. Even if a car is very efficient, if the car still doesn’t run cleanly, then you will have a problem with emissions. Many cars now come with emissions ratings, but what do they mean? Are they important to a car? We’ll breakdown just what these ratings mean. 

What Do Emissions Ratings Mean? 

It’s not a secret that cars create some pollution as you drive. Emissions tests are done to make sure that cars aren’t kicking up too much pollution. These tests are looking for certain major pollutants that can be found in a car’s exhaust. California asks that all of its residents have their cars tested for emissions and smog. Emissions ratings are a good way to know if your car is able to pass the smog tests. 

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Emission ratings are essentially a measure that reflects what is coming out of the tailpipe of your car. California has some of the tightest restrictions on what is and isn’t good enough. Ultra-low and super ultra-low emissions are two of the highest classifications that cars can reach. Low-emission vehicle is the lowest designation that a car can get. 

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