How to Disinfect Your Car Against COVID-19

What Can Get Rid of COVID-19 in my Car?

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Hygiene is at the forefront of many people’s minds these days. We want to stay healthy and safe, but it can seem impossible. With the news out there, you might think it takes some heavy-duty cleaners to protect your car. 

It isn’t as difficult as you might think. Protecting your car from COVID-19 is not an overly complicated process. We have some recommendations that work well now but can also help keep your car clean going forward. Let’s walk through the ideas we have for you. 

How to Disinfect Your Car Against COVID-19 

The first step is to realize that some of the cleaners in your house are likely enough to do the work. A simple soap solution will do wonders and go a long way towards cleaning your car. Soaps that are not detergent-free are going to be the most beneficial, but you should avoid any alcohol-based cleaner especially if you have leather seats. In fact, if you have leather seats but no leather cleaning solution, then makeup remover wipes are an ideal substitute. 

Hand wiping down the center console of a vehicle
Car seat being wiped down

When you do spray and wipe down your car, you want to give the soap a few minutes to do its work. Make sure you wipe down as much of it as you can when those few minutes are up, you don’t want to let moisture linger. Your main focus when cleaning should be high-touch areas or spaces that you interact with frequently. Doing this every so often, depending on your driving habits, will help minimize the risk as much as possible. 

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