Can I Recharge my Air Conditioning on my Own?

Can I Recharge My Air Conditioning on my Own?

By Product Expert | Posted in Safety, Technology, Tips & Tricks on Tuesday, June 30th, 2020 at 2:27 pm
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Out of all the home repairs people get nervous about doing, air conditioning recharging may be one of the most misunderstood. This post is dedicated to helping car owners like you get informed about your car air conditioning so you can decide for yourself if you think you can do it yourself, or if you would rather take it in to the professionals to take care of it.  

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Is it Cheaper to Recharge my Car Air Conditioner on my Own? 

Like with any home repair, doing the recharge yourself is always going to be less expensive, but you have to have a good degree of faith in your own abilities if you really want to take the task on alone. A can of refrigerant with a hose and gauge will cost somewhere around 50 dollars depending on the brand and quality of the product itself, while taking your car to the Volkswagen of Downtown L.A. service department may cost more, it may be worth it for the peace of mind that the job is getting done right and safely. 

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Is it Dangerous to Recharge my Car Air Conditioner? 

In the old days, more dangerous chemicals were used than what you find in a standard can of car refrigerant today. That’s not to say refrigerant doesn’t present dangers, however. The contents of a can of refrigerant are under pressure and safe recharging requires secure connections between the can, hose, and car air conditioning system. 

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How Do I Know My Car Air Conditioner Needs to be Recharged? 

A car air conditioner is a complicated piece of machinery. You can’t just recharge refrigerant forever and expect the system to last forever. Other components can break down, so sometimes a car that won’t blow cold air has more going on than just low refrigerant. Taking your car in to be serviced at the service and parts department of Volkswagen of Downtown L.A. for example is an easy way to turn it over to professionals who can diagnose the problem and find the best solution.  

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