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Jetta Lease Deal at of VW of Downtown Los Angeles

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Lease a new 2015 Jetta for $69/month* at VW of Downtown Los Angeles.

*Lease for $69 + tax per month for 24 months. Based on MSRP of $18,580 w/manual transmission. Residual Value $11,148.00 $1,656 total of payments. Security Deposit Waived. $2,199 cash or trade equity due from customer Excludes: First Payment, $625 Acquisition Fee, $80 Documentation Fee, Sales Tax, Title, and License Fee. 20,000 total miles, with 20¢ per excess mile. Closed-end lease offered on approved above average credit with VCI, excludes TDI and Hybrid Models. Four (4) at this offer FM292178, FM298351, FM298608, FM311349. Offers Expires 10/31/2015

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Expires 10/31/2015


See Competing Downtown Los Angeles Area Lease Deals*

Dealer Model Monthly Down Payment
VW of Downtown Los Angeles Jetta S $69 $2,199
Honda Dealer Los Angeles Civic LX $119 $2,015
Kia Dealer Los Angeles Forte $159 $1,999
Nissan Dealer Los Angeles Versa $129 $1,999
Toyota Dealer Los Angeles Corrola $149 $1,999
Chrysler Los Angeles 200 Limited $239 $0

*Data obtained from advertised specials of Downtown Los Angeles Dealers. Analysis performed on 10/19/2015. See individual dealer pages for details and disclaimers. 

Hurry!! This lease deal expires on 10/31/2015.

Available at Volkswagen of Downtown Los Angeles. Please stop in, call or visit our specials page for other offers or details.

What’s it like buying a car at VW of Downtown Los Angeles??

That’s a great question!!

Volkswagen of Downtown Los Angeles is ranked the #1 Dealer on Yelp in Los Angeles

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Call or visit VW of Downtown Los Angeles – 213-222-1296


Top 3 reasons why so many people lease cars in Los Angeles

Friday, October 16th, 2015

Frequently I get asked by new arrivals to Los Angeles from the east coast why do so many people lease their cars in here? They are often surprised to learn that 77% of new car sales at our dealership are leases and these sales statistics are similar to many other dealers in the area. So what gives? Why are so many people leasing?

You drive less here – In Los Angeles driving just a few miles to your favorite grocery store is a major time suck. You simply aren’t as going to pack on extra miles. Just ask any Angeleno if they can drop you off at LAX on Monday morning. Sure the airport may only be 8 miles away, but you just asked your soon to be ex-friend to invest nearly 2-hours getting your there.

Expense – Lease payments are generally about $100 less per month than financing the same new car. If you work in the entertainment industry your next gig may be another month or two away and the $100-200 could have been gas money or haircut for your next audition.

First Impressions – People like to look good in Los Angeles. Rolling up to the dog park, valet or picking up a date in the 7-year old rusty Chevy Malibu from Minnesota isn’t going to work. It’s a tough town if it looks like you’re crashing on an air mattress in your friends living room.


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VW of Downtown Los Angeles Fun Facts

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Here are some fun facts about Volkswagen of Downtown Los Angeles that you may not know:

Our General Manager, General Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Finance Manager, Internet Sales Manager and a brand specialist all drive 2015 e-Golfs.

Every employee so far as opted to lease their e-Golf.

Every Sales Manger (including the GM and GSM) all started as sales people at VW of Downtown Los Angeles.

Volkswagen of Downtown Los Angeles ranked the best Volkswagen dealer on Yelp in Los Angeles.

The only day of the year that the sales department is closed is Christmas.

Most of our new vehicles are stored a block away under the I-10 and I-110 freeway. This new vehicle lot was also the ‘Florida’ interment camp location in the movie, Scarface.

We frequently debate whether it’s better to call dealership Volkswagen of DTLA or Volkswagen of Downtown Los Angeles. Let us know what you think about this!





Volkswagen Lease Return in Los Angeles

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

Returning your Volkswagen Lease at VW of Downtown Los Angeles is a snap. You can expect the process to take about 15 minutes and you never need an appointment nor do you need to call ahead to return your VW lease at VW of DTLA.

VW of Downtown Los Angeles is available to receive your lease during regular sales department hours (8:30-9PM M-Sat and 9:30-8PM Sunday).

Here are a couple common questions:

Do I have to return my lease from the dealership I obtained my lease from?

You are free to return your VW lease at any Volkswagen dealership.

Do I need to be present to return my lease or can someone turn in my VW lease for me?

You should be present so that you can sign and obtain a copy of the odometer statement for your records.

I can’t find my 2nd key. Can I return it later?

When you turn in your lease we have to document how many keys were received with the vehicle. We are unable to receive keys later on as VW will send a transporter very quickly to retrieve your car. It’s best to return your lease when you have all your keys and books or Volkswagen will bill you for them.

My lease is due but I haven’t scheduled my lease end inspection yet with AIM (VW’s third- party lease inspection company). What should I do? 

You can still return your Volkswagen at VW of Downtown LA. When we ground the car Volkswagen they will send AIM to inspect the car at our premise. The only downside to this is the car is already grounded and you will be unable to make any repairs to the vehicle if that’s something you wanted to do. To schedule an inspection with AIM please call 844-264-9704 or schedule online https://selfshedule.aiminspect.com

I’ve already returned my lease, but I received a DMV renewal notice. Am I going to be penalized?

There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving a parking ticket or DMV renewal notice months after you returned your leased vehicle. The CA DMV states you (the lessor) must complete a Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability and submit it within 5 calendar days. This will release you of liability associated with your leased vehicle after the transfer date, including those pesky renewal notices which can look more like DMV collection attempts.

There are a few pieces of information you’ll want handy when completing this form online.

  • License Plate Number
  • VIN number
  • Mileage on the vehicle
  • New Owner (this would be the company you leased from such as VW Credit)
  • Date of transfer

Here’s a great resource to schedule your end of lease inspection as well as review wear and tear use information.


If you would like to buy your lease or return you lease and get another Volkswagen please be sure to meet with one of our sales associates at VW of Downtown Los Angeles.